All the Places You Can Go: A Survey of ABA in Gerontology

1.     Recognize the need for ABA services within the older adult population.
2.     Differentiate between “geriatric” and “gerontology.”
3.     Translate areas where ABA can be used in aging:
-Describe RESEACH ideas
-Identify EDUCATIONAL topics
-Name community COLLABORATORS
List CLINICAL practices

Number of CE Credits: 1.5

BCBAs in Dementia 101

1.     List of signs & symptoms of dementia and which BCBAs may intervene upon
2.     Differentiate between long-term care settings where BCBAs may practice
3.     Describe barriers to care
4.     Recognize how an ID/DD population is similar to and different than a neuro-typical population
5.     Identify end-of-life issues that may affect an ABA practice

Number of CE Credits: 3.0

Starting Your Own ABA Practice In Dementia

1.     List the main barriers to service delivery for BCBAs in dementia care
2.     Name places a BCBA may receive additional dementia-specific education and training
3.     Recognize common marketing strategies a BCBA can use to advertise ABA services in dementia
4.     Differentiate between the common funding mechanisms for behavior management solutions in dementia care
5.     Identify if your state utilizes the ACA’s CFC program to reimburse for behavior management solutions in dementia care

Number of CE Credits: 2.0

Ethics and Business Essentials

1.     List three ethical dilemmas BCBAs may face when expanding into dementia care AND describe a solution to each of those ethical dilemmas.
2.     Recognize which categories need to be included in your business plan, contracts, consents, and clinical handbooks.
3.     Compare how the first home visit, including opening paperwork, may look different for neurotypical senior vs a person with ID/DD.
4.     Identify strategies to manage ongoing communication and expectations.
5.     Describe contexts in which ABA clinical services may change or discontinue.

Number of CE Credits: 1.5

Behavior Assessment for Dementia Symptoms

1. State the main purpose and time requirements of behavior assessment in dementia care
2. List procedural considerations for various behavior and preference assessments when serving individuals with dementia
3. Identify the parameters for behavior and preference assessments
4. Compare and contrast different FBA procedures as it relates to dementia care
5. Recognize non-behavior assessments commonly conducted in dementia care

Number of CE Credits: 4.0

Scrub-A-Dub-Dub: Shower Routines In Dementia

1.     To recognize how the context influences refusals during a shower routine for seniors with dementia
2.     To list preventative strategies for shower refusals
3.     To illustrate ways to maintain bathing independence throughout decline
4.     To identify appropriate and inappropriate reactive procedures to shower refusals
5.     To discriminate which factors present specific to seniors during a shower routine 

Number of CE Credits: 3.0

Your Instructors

Maranda and Amanda are BCBAs who work at Abilities Behavior Services, a non-profit agency providing ABA services across the lifespan. Both therapists are specialized in the assessment and management of behavior and psychological symptoms of dementia (e.g., aggression, disruption, wandering).

Dr. Trahan was born in Louisiana, attended SIUC for graduate school, and completed a postdoc at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD.  Before returning to Illinois, she started the first ABA clinical practice in 2014 for individuals with dementia living in Florida.

Amanda Ripley works with individuals with challenging behaviors across all ages. Amanda is from Chicago, graduated with her master’s degree from SIUC, and worked in several states providing ABA services, including Michigan, Colorado, and Illinois.

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