Learning Objectives

1.     Recognize the need for ABA services within the older adult population.
2.     Differentiate between “geriatric” and “gerontology.”
3.     Translate areas where ABA can be used in aging:
-Describe RESEACH ideas
-Identify EDUCATIONAL topics
-Name community COLLABORATORS
-List CLINICAL practices

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Your Instructors

Maranda and Amanda are BCBAs who work at Abilities Behavior Services, a non-profit agency providing ABA services across the lifespan. Both therapists are specialized in the assessment and management of behavior and psychological symptoms of dementia (e.g., aggression, disruption, wandering).

Dr. Trahan was born in Louisiana, attended SIUC for graduate school, and completed a postdoc at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. Before returning to Illinois, she started the first ABA clinical practice in 2014 for individuals with dementia living in Florida.

Amanda Ripley works with individuals with challenging behaviors across all ages. Amanda is from Chicago, graduated with her master’s degree from SIUC, and worked in a several states providing ABA services, including Michigan, Colorado, and Illinois.